Urgent: Astorino telephone town hall tonight, September 27

County Executive Rob Astorino has given his constituents less than 8 hours’ notice of his telephone forum to discuss his plan to privatize Westchester County Airport. Dial in at 7pm tonight to: 855-756-7520, Ext 36840 (then press #).

Astorino thought that he could slip his plan past the Board of Legislators under budget pressure last November. Now he thinks he can slip it past citizens. Show him he’s wrong by dialing in and expressing your opposition.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Where does this guy advertise these things ? i am at something else from 7 – 9;45. So it is problematic for me to be on the call but, I will try.

  2. It was first reported by the Journal News but with no details. A notice went up on the county website at some point today, but it wasn’t there when I looked at 10am.

  3. Private investors intend to make a profit by increasing Airport revenue. Their incentive will be to make “improvements” to justify these revenues which will
    inevitably lead to significantly more private jet traffic. This is the real danger to the citizens. The fact that the FAA doesn’t allow restrictions on private jets
    landing and taking off begs the question. Under current arrangements the County can choose what and how to upgrade/maintain. They can choose to be much more sensitive to environmental concerns beyond the letter of the law. Most importantly they can choose to make it less attractive to corporate/private owners and
    at least retard growth. Private investors will seek growth. That is the basis of their investment. To state otherwise is disingenuous. Everything that is owned by the
    public is not better served by a
    “public/private partnership.”

    Astorino’s whole presentation plays fast and loose with facts.
    Why is it assumed that we need
    more upgrading of the amenities
    like dining at the airport. I use it
    a lot and never felt we need a better restaurant and if there is a demand find a restaurant operator to lease to – maybe with a sectretive RFP.

    This is a bad solution for non-existent “problem.”

    I would also like to know how happy County residents are with
    the deal that was made for the airport parking lot (admittedly a different County Executive). It
    might be constructive to look back at the pros and cons of
    that – and it wasn’t for 40 years.

    I especially take offense to Astorino’s answer to one caller “this is how democracies work.”
    Perhaps for him, but ours can and should work better.

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