Documents, Position Papers, and Resolutions:

Westchester County Airport White Paper
Our comprehensive document summarizing the perils of privatization and the airport master plan, sent to the County Board of Legislators on July 9 2017.

  • CRCA full page flyer, introduction. Click Here.
  • CRCA full page flyer, main points. Click Here.
  • CRCA full page flyer, with noise concerns. Click Here.
  • CRCA 1/2-page flyer. Click Here.
  • CRCA 2-Page Master Plan Flyer. Click Here.
  • Joint Position Statement by CRCA, Sierra Club, FCWC, Food & Water Watch opposing privatization & the master plan. Click Here.
  • Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter (NY State) Resolution. Click Here.
  • New Castle Supervisor Robert Greenstein’s letter regarding privatization and the master plan. Click Here.
  • Rye Brook Mayor Paul Rosenberg’s letter regarding the Master Plan. Click Here.
  • Village of Rye Brook Westchester County Airport – Issues of Interest. Click Here.

Noise Complaints: Register complaints online or call: (914) 939-8484

Videos and media:

County Legislator Alfreda Williams speaks with the Sierra Club on noise issues and privatization. Video Here.

“Astorino tele-town hall” on airport privatization. Sept 27 2017. Transcript and audio here.

The Lisa Wexler Show. Interview with CRCA Executive Director Jonathan Wang. WGCH Radio. Sept 27 2017. Audio Here.

Westchester County Airport Public Forum. Sept 26 2017. Speakers Video Part 1. Speakers Video Part 2.

Senator George Latimer answers a question about Airport privatization at his Rye Brook town hall. July 24 2017.

Westfair Online. “Residents rip proposed master plan for Westchester county Airport” Video. July 28 2017. Article.

Westchester County Airport Master Plan Public Hearing, Public Comments. June 27 2017.

County Executive Rob Astorino discussing Airport privatization and dodging a question about the airport master plan, Ask Astorino Town Hall, New Rochelle. June 24 2017.

In the TV News:

News12 Westchester, “Residents voice concerns on privatized Westchester County Airport”. Sept 26 2017. Link Here.

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Profiles and Issues. “Privatization of Westchester Airport”. The Town of Greenburgh New York Cable Access TV. New York July 18 2017. Video and Link Here.

News12 Westchester, “Opponents rally against privatization of WC Airport”. July 17 2017. Video and Link Here.

In the Print News:

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Related News Articles:

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