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Noise public health expert Arline Bronzaft to address Airport Advisory Board

Dr. Arline Bronzaft, a renowned expert on the health impacts of noise, will appear before the Westchester County Airport Advisory Board on Wednesday, March 27 at 7 PM. A good showing by the community is the best way to focus the County on our needs as they continue to push airport projects with minimal public input. The Airport Advisory Board is your forum to hold the County accountable to its actions.

Take Action

  1. Contact your legislator to demand that they vote no on any expanded facilities at the airport.
  2. Ask your town government to get involved and lobby the legislature. Here are some useful sample emails.
  3. Sign the online petition to the county Board of Legislators.


We are a grassroots group of citizens and neighbors from across Westchester County. We recognize that the airport is an important county asset and are committed to sustainable, conscientious management and improvement of the airport by holding our government accountable. It is our aim to maintain quality of life and to prevent negative impacts of airport development by bringing citizens’ voices to the process.

We united with 6 other environmental and community action groups to send the Westchester County Board of Legislators a comprehensive white paper opposing privatization and the airport master planRead it here.



We are against the privatization of Westchester County Airport. Learn why.

Airport Master Plan

The airport master plan is a template for dramatic expansion that ignores the environment. Learn why.

Our factual Airport Master Plan handout.