June 6: Purchase Town Hall, sponsored by PEPA

Purchase Town Hall Meeting Summary: The panel discussion, moderated by Mike Tokarz, the chairman of PEPA, consisted of: Marty Rogowsky - former County Legislator and PEPA Environmental Consultant David Gelfarb - County Legislator (Dist.-6, Republican) Jack Robinson – Rye Brook Airport Advisory Council, Former Chair Jonathan Wang – General Aviation Pilot, Sierra Club Westchester Airport... Continue Reading →

May 31: Rye Brook Airport Advisory Council Meeting

The Rye Brook AAC Meeting Video is here. Consider skipping over the first 45 minutes, and go right to the Q&A. http://ryebrook.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=2bc0c934-4d18-11e7-b9a7-00219ba2f017 Summary of the Rye Brook Airport Advisory Council meeting. This meeting, held at the Rye Brook Village Hall about the airport was standing room only, with overflow outside of the room. The meeting was... Continue Reading →