Noise public health expert Arline Bronzaft to address Airport Advisory Board

Dr. Arline Bronzaft, a renowned expert on the health impacts of noise, will appear before the Westchester County Airport Advisory Board on Wednesday, March 27 at 7 PM. A good showing by the community is the best way to focus the County on our needs as they continue to push airport projects with minimal public input. The Airport Advisory Board is your forum to hold the County accountable to its actions.

Call to action: Airport Advisory Board Meeting, November 14

Please attend the next Westchester County Airport Advisory Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 14. Westchester County Commissioner of Public Works Hugh Greechan will be giving a presentation about the proposal to repave runway 16/34. The Westchester Aviation Association has called for their members to attend and urge the county to lock in the status quo and preserve capacity for future expansion.

Proposed 2019 County capital budget would lock in status quo

Westchester County's proposed 2019 capital budget contains a major airport infrastructure project to repave runway 16/34 that would preserve & renew current levels of capacity at the airport for 20 years. Please join us on October 23 in speaking out against this thoughtless preservation of the unacceptable status quo.

County Planning Board to discuss new Airport Master Plan

Westchester County has released a draft proposal for the new Airport Master Plan. We believe that the current proposal does not reflect input from public hearings over the summer showing that the current environmental impact of the airport is unacceptable. Please attend a meeting at 8:30am on Tuesday, October 2 at the airport's 2nd floor conference room to comment on the proposal.

George Latimer’s transition team wants to hear from you

Congratulations to County Executive elect George Latimer on his election victory. We are confident that Latimer will work to adjust the county's policies at the airport to respect the environment and the airport's neighbors. In an effort to bring transparency & openness to Westchester County's government, Latimer has appointed several all-volunteer transition committees to listen... Continue Reading →