Talking Points for the Operations Public Hearing

Westchester County’s next public hearing on June 25 at 7pm covers airport operations. As with the past two hearings, we encourage concerned citizens to attend and discuss the impact the airport has had on their lives. The situation at Westchester County Airport today is already unacceptable. The airport’s continuing growth has led to decreases in property values, dramatic increases in noise complaints, and a public outcry that swept Rob Astorino and others from elected office.

Talking Points on Governance

Westchester County Airport is an important piece of infrastructure, but it is also a major source of pollution. The airport needs to remain fully accountable to the public in order to maintain balance between the services the airport provides and the pollution it causes. Obviously, this precludes handing over governance of the airport to a private entity. However, any change that turns the airport into a profit center, whether for the county or for a private party, will almost certainly lead to expansion and a weakening of governance and accountability.

Talking Points for the Master Plan Public Hearing

Westchester County Airport is unique. It is located next to the water supply for over nine million people in Westchester and NYC. It is also located in a residential area whose citizens expect and deserve the quiet enjoyment of their homes. The airport's air, water, and noise pollution represent important public health issues. Thus, the master plan should explicitly reject any expansion of airport capacity.

SAVE THE DATE – Public hearings on airport policy

The Latimer administration has announced three public hearings on airport policy. Aviation interests are already gearing up to lobby for more development and more traffic. It is critically important that community members appear and speak at these hearings in order to stop or roll back the airport's assault on our quality of life. Please save... Continue Reading →

George Latimer’s transition team wants to hear from you

Congratulations to County Executive elect George Latimer on his election victory. We are confident that Latimer will work to adjust the county's policies at the airport to respect the environment and the airport's neighbors. In an effort to bring transparency & openness to Westchester County's government, Latimer has appointed several all-volunteer transition committees to listen... Continue Reading →

Go vote today!

This is a friendly reminder from Citizens for a Responsible County Airport to get to the polls today! Polls are open from 6am to 9pm. Find your polling location here. We have endorsed George Latimer for Westchester County Executive. We are not endorsing any races down ballot, but please note that the following candidates for... Continue Reading →