Involving Your Town or Village Government

We have many free lawn signs opposing Airport expansion and privatization that will help keep our cause visible! Please contact me at [email protected] so that I can arrange to get one to you.

Town and village governments used to be included in decision-making for major proposals like these, though not under County Executive Astorino. Privatization of Westchester County Airport and the airport master plan will harm our towns. The Supervisor of the Town of New Castle shares some of our concerns, and has written a letter to the County Executive and Board of Legislators. Our towns want and should have a say in what happens at our airport. We ask that town representatives reach out to us.

Call or write to your town government to ask them to put the issues of Westchester County Airport privatization and the airport master plan on their next meeting agenda. Send them the White PaperNew Castle’s letter and Rye Brook’s letter. Let us know if you are successful so that we can help cover the issues and answer questions at the meetings.

Here is a sample letter template to make things easier. 

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