Westchester Airport master plan lacks input, generates more questions

Tax Watch: Westchester Airport master plan lacks input, generates more questions

David McKay Wilson. Journal News. August 3, 2017.


“Astorino last Monday in New Rochelle downplayed the master plan’s importance, telling the audience at his most recent Town Hall: “What is mostly the case is that the master plan sits on a shelf in Washington forever and is never utilized.””

“The public, wrote [County spokesman] McCormack, should have no role in the development of the draft plan, which took five years to produce because that was the role of the professionals. Those professionals, he noted, met those involved in the aviation industry. The professionals also met with public officials in 2013 and 2014.”


CRCA, an all-volunteer permanent organization of concerned residents, is working to educate the public and the government about the major problems surrounding these terrible proposals for the Westchester County Airport. At present, we are raising funds to increase awareness of this issue across the county via advertisements and direct mailings. Please spread the word, and consider donating to support our efforts: //crcairport.org/donate


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