June 19th: Public Comment about Airport, at the Board of Legislators

Westchester County Airport Privatization: A Loss of Accountability and Expansion.

Our efforts made the story for the front page of the Journal News on June 20th.


Summary of the Airport issue brought to the Board of Legislators meeting:

On June 19th, a group of about 70 Westchester residents from many areas of the county filled the gallery at the Board of Legislators meeting. Three residents in our group, from Scarsdale, Ardsley, and Purchase, addressed all 17 county legislators about the myriad of issues surrounding privatization of the Westchester County Airport as well as the airport master plan. They spoke about the dramatic expansion put forth in the airport master plan, the serious environmental risks inherent in privatization and expansion, specifically to NYC and Westchester’s drinking water, and about the profit-driven incentives that will put residents at risk. Most of the concerned residents are members of our growing coalition of groups opposing airport privatization and expansion.

Some of the legislators were surprised and concerned upon hearing about the county consultant’s slipshod and copied parts of the airport master plan, especially in the environmental review section. We will further speak with them about the details, as we understand that the BOL has held no discussions yet regarding the airport master plan. We oppose the implementation of the airport master plan.

We will be posting a video of the original nine speakers and a transcript of the original speech to the Board of Legislators here soon.

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